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Beyond Bucks

When you “Subscribe & Save,” not only do you get Preferred Pricing, but each time your subscription order is shipped, you earn 20% of the purchase price of your products on that subscription in Beyond Bucks.

Beyond Bucks are a form of internal currency that you can use for product discounts and sharing. Earn 20% on purchases in Beyond Bucks (BB) to redeem for product discounts, VIP storefront plugins, and sharing with prospective Team members to apply towards product discounts!

Beyond Bucks accumulate as points on your account that can be redeemed at any time! Redeem for more of your favorite products or to experience a product you haven't tried yet. Beyond Bucks can be used on any order above and beyond your subscription to cover the cost of the product you want to try.

Beyond Bucks are rewarded to our valued Preferred Customers who buy using Subscribe and Save throughout the year by maintaining a monthly subscription.